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Raw Bacon

Bacon is a popular form of fried ham, as well as a god in pig form. Bacon is often served with breakfast meals. It is also used as flavoring in bean dishes, and can be found in hamburger
Cooked Bacon

Cooked Bacon. Its making me hungry just looking at it....


Lean bacon is a designation used in regard to the fat content of a meat product containing 10% or less of fat.

The History of Bacon :P

Bacon was first created by God. He decided that perfection was to be allowed on Earth; first referred to as "The land of non-pork products." However, this plight was soon ended, as God created Thor, who in turn, created, Baco. Baco was the most merciful and most epic of gods. He not only gave us the pig, but he also had a son named Bacon. Humans didn't create bacon (food) though. It was Bacon himself who sacrificed his body in order to sustain peace and happiness on Earth! Magic alien gods brought down pigs from the heavens, and sacrificed them for our amusment. However, as we started to go hungry, we ate the sacrifices instead. It made more sense


Back bacon

Types of bacon

Bacon Related Stuff

You can't argue with logic.


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