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F20f come to the dark side we have bacon

From Thinkgeek:

"Hungry are you? What know you of hunger? Deepest control of appetite a Jedi must have. Sugars. Hmm. Bacon. Heh. A Jedi craves not these things. A Jedi's strength flows from the Force, but beware of the Dark Side, bacon they have."

Description Edit

It is a well-known fact, the reason there is a light and dark side is because Jedi are vegetarians. The Force is actually a dietary plan that evolved into a lifestyle back in the early days of the Galactic Federation. When some of these "Dark Siders" decided that they couldn't live without bacon, they began using the Force a different way, an "evil" way as the Jedi put it. Now, the only reason the Dark side is remotely tempting is because they have bacon; a mighty temptation indeed.

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