Foods Trucks are all the rage at the moment so it's not surprising (and kinda about time) that the latest food on four wheels is the Bacon Bacon Truck.

The truck comes to us from Jim Angelus, former GM at E&O, and will launch in mid-July at Off the Grid. Bacon Bacon will offer six sandwiches, all made with- duh!- bacon: A pork belly and fried egg one, a grilled cheese one (yum!), the L.G.B.T (lettuce, goat cheese, bacon and tomato), pork meatball banh mi (featuring bacon in place of the traditional pate), broccoli rabe with bacon, and, of course, the “Bacon Bacon Burger.”

They will have sides as well, like french fries, fried with rosemary and sage, salted and topped with parmesan (ask for 'em “dirty” if you want fried pork belly trimmings).

Oh, and there’s another side dish: a bouquet of bacon. Yeah, seriously.

Bacon Bacon will launch in a few weeks and is available for private parties. Otherwise, look for it around the Bay Area.


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