Bacon is the type of food that polarizes foodies: it's either the murder of cute piggies or it inspires devout worship. For the latter camp, the new San Francisco food truck, Bacon Bacon Truck, is their bacon dream realized. For those who haven't sampled Bacon Bacon Truck, the menu unsurprisingly utilizes bacon to the max:

"There will be six sandwiches, all made with bacon (though some can be made without): A pork belly and fried egg one, a grilled cheese number, the L.G.B.T (lettuce, goat cheese, bacon and tomato), pork meatball banh mi (featuring bacon in place of the traditional pate), broccoli rabe with bacon, and the requisite “Bacon Bacon Burger.”

And you can get yourself your own bacon bouquet as a side dish. Clever! This week-old truck has attracted so much attention that Epic Meal Time, a comedy food show that specializes in bacon! Epic Meal Time will film Bacon Bacon Truck at 246 Ritch St, also known as "SoMa's Lunchbox" from noon until 3! Come down and watch the filming...although you won't get to sample the food truck during the actual filming.


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