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    Bacon-lovers are often meat lovers in other ways, too. I know I like a warm, juicy roast turkey on Thanksgiving. Wrap that sucker in a basket-weave-style layer of bacon and you're making the most delicious bird Thanksgiving has ever seen.

    We found this recipe here at the Runaway Spoon and I must say, this seems like the coolest thing a bacon lover could ever make for Thanksgiving.

    Check out this link for the step-by-step recipe. The author is extremely thorough in explaining how to create this marvelous meal! It's a bacon-turkey fiesta!

    Do you think you'll be making this for Thanksgiving, or are you a traditionalist? Comment below and tell us what you think!

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  • LexiLexi

    Many hardcore lovers of bacon have tried bacon ice cream, but it isn't the kind of thing that's readily available or easy to find--until now, for Santa Barbara citizens. A new ice cream truck called Sugar & Salt Creamery has been founded in Santa Barbara, and one of their delicacies is bacon ice cream--specifically, maple brown sugar bacon. How delicious can you get? Their menu is constantly changing though, so if you want bacon ice cream, get to the Sweet & Salt Creamery truck now!


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    Bacon Day is September 3

    August 30, 2011 by LexiLexi

    Perhaps you're surprised (or not so surprised) to hear that bacon now has an international holiday called Bacon Day. No, you don't get off from school or work, but you won't have to, because Bacon Day is on a Saturday--specifically, September 3, 2011.

    So, what does Bacon Day entail? For bacon fans (or in other words, fans of deliciousness), international Bacon Day is comprised of bacon-themed social gatherings, which include bacon drinks, entrees, desserts, and the like. Yes, you heard me--bacon drinks. If you're in the mood for some alcoholic beverages inspired by bacon, check out bacontoday for some cocktail recipes.

    So, what are you doing on international Bacon Day? Throwing a bacon-themed party of hoglike proportions? Enjoying the strip …

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    It's not quite clear what to say about this fantastic image, other than the fact that bacon lovers must stare at it...and stare. That's right, in this "land of bacon", even the river is made out of bacon. And hey, liquid bacon isn't a terrible idea...

    Source: Verydemotovational

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    Bacon fanaticism has gone even farther-- now we are replacing our favorite movie titles with titles that include the word "bacon", like "Last of the Bacons" (Mohicans), "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Bacon" and "Willy Wonka and the Bacon Factory".

    Add your own and enjoy the bacon fun on Twitter!

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