It's easy to declare oneself a bacon lover, but do you truly qualify? Do you eat it for breakfast every morning? In your sandwiches at lunch? Have you invented at least 3 new ways to consume bacon? Do you frequently have dreams about surfing a giant bacon strip on a shimmering wave of bacon grease?

You still may not be a real bacon enthusiast even if you answered yes to all these questions. True bacon lovers don't just consume, they represent. What I'm trying to say is, you need a bacon t-shirt. Someday there will be Bacon Wiki shirts, and even bacon hats, shoelaces, and ties, but for now, we must settle for regular bacon t-shirts. My personal favorite is the classic Donuts and Bacon 2008 shirt (pictured at left), but I'm not sure if it can be purchased anymore.


The Berries and Strips shirt

For now, I'd recommend checking out the Bacon Freak shirts website or just googling "Bacon Shirt". If you consider yourself both a bacon lover and a true American patriot/hero/winner, you should consider the Berries and Strips shirt (pictured at right), which features 50 blueberries on a pancake and 13 bacon strips forming the good old Stars and Stripes. It also says, "Give me bacon or give me death." Nothing says "I'm a bacon lover" like wearing a t-shirt that says "Give me bacon or give me death". Or you could just get one that says "I Love Bacon".

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