Greetings, to all, I am Starscream7 - and I have a proposition I'd like to offer you all.

I have created a site by the titled The Waffle Man Wiki - and it may need some work. Seeing that we tie up with breakfast items, I wish to ask you all to help contribute to the site, and if you swear allegiance to start editing, I shall let you in on the full storyline - yet for now, only a part.

There are five main plays in the series - which are to be turned into comics and stories. Here they are:

  1. The Waffle Man
  2. The Waffle Man II: Rise of the Butterboy
  3. The Waffle Man III: Waffopalypse
  4. The Waffle Man IV: Return of The Reviver
  5. The Waffle Man V: The Final Batter

I have the plots for each of them let in - but I will not release them yet. If you wish, I shall make you a part of the staff if you continue editing.

Now, the major part.

We need to link.

Both of our sites are dying of activity - and so to face it, we're not getting too far with this one. I mean - we've stalled on 80 pages, I believe - so, in my opinion, it's looking somewhat dirty. We can't clean it up. I would say that editing should cease, and no editing would be allowed - just a site for people to view the pages. Pages would all be protected for infinity. I mean, isn't that what this is all about? No vandalism at all. We'll just have to straighten them up a bit.

So - what'dya say? Just type in The Waffle Man Wiki on Google and it should be easy to find. I'm under the username The Waffle Man.

Lord Starscream|Transformers: Dark of the Moon|(Earth Goes Dark - June 29th)|Be Afraid Of The Dark 01:32, July 21, 2011 (UTC)

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