Bacon King

The United States has president Barack Obama, Canada has prime minister Stephen Harper, Great Britain has Queen Elizabeth II, and now the Internet has it's own bacon royalty. The website King of the Web ran a month-long contest to determine who should be the Internet Bacon King. The contest looked open in the beginning, but quickly two top dogs emerged from the pack. Formica Dinette & JarebFoosh quickly established their dominance in their creation of bacon obsessed designs. They created designs such as the "Bacon Bra," "The Weave," and even worked together to form the "Bacon Mustache Dog Bra."

In the end though, nearly 7000 votes went to Formica Dinette and she was declared the Bacon King (though maybe it should be renamed Bacon Queen). Formica runs the website and as a winner received a two-hundred and fifty dollar gift certificate to

What do you think of her creations? Are they bacon-licious? I know I wouldn't mind seeing a lady in a Bacon Bra.


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