SF Bacon Takedown

Fans of competitive eating, shows like Man vs. Food, or just good plain fun should get ready for the upcoming San Francisco Bacon Takedown, which is presented by The Takedown. The SF Bacon Takedown will take place on July 10th starting at noon at the The Thirsty Bear. The Takedown is still looking for people to get into this competition and are willing to offer up to 15 pounds of Hormel Black Label Bacon.

If you are not familiar with The Takedown, it is a site that began in 2003 in New York and has since spread out. The Village Voice describes it as "There’s simply no other food gathering in which a community of cuisine lovers can unite to celebrate the wondrous and wild recipe discoveries by amateur chefs."

So if you think you have what it takes to win a bacon contest, head on over to The Takedown to apply for one of the remaining positions in this competition. Also, tickets can be bought for only 15 dollars for a two hour experience. That's almost as cheap as going to the movies, but with way more bacon. Bacon on!

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